Blog One- Our top 3 products to keep you and your home cosy this Winter

Winter has well and truly hit Newcastle this week and we have decided to recommend our top 3 products from Boho Luxe Trader to keep you and your home cosy this Winter. 

1. Toasted coconut botanical candle 

This candle looks too pretty to burn, with dried botanicals covering the top. Once you have lit your candle the scent of toasted coconut will fill your space and create an aroma that will make you feel cosy, warm and a little bit hungry. This candle is 285g and gives approximately 60 hours of burn time and is handmade in Australia.

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2. Immune Bath soak  

The Immune Bath soak is a great way to support your body through the colder months. It includes a blend of salts, herbs and essential oils. Each bath soak is created in Victoria, Australia and combines ingredients to create a medicinal and magical product.  

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3. Linen cushions 

Our range of linen cushions for Winter 21' include tones of Ivory, Rust, Paprika and Cream. Adding cushions to a space can add texture and warmth. Our blend of linen cushions add a cosy and comfortable element to a home during winter. 

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