Rose Quartz face & body spray
Rose Quartz face & body spray
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Rose Quartz face & body spray

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◠ Description 

A refreshing face and body mist with rose floral water which helps to soothe redness, hydrate and maintain the skins PH balance. 

This beautifying face and body mist can be used as a skin toner after cleansing, to set a makeup look or hydrate a parched complexion. Antioxidant rich rose floral water leaves the skin slightly fragranced, and the infusion of Rose Quartz cleanses and harmonises your aura for a more compassionate energy.

◠ Medicinal properties 

Our Rose Quartz mist helps to fortify skin cells & stimulates circulation to skin tissues to smooth fine lines and rejuvenate dry, tired skin . Cooling in nature, it evens out redness, inflammation and helps to remedy burns and blistering.


  • Distilled water 
  • Rose quartz crystals 
  • Rose floral water 
  • 100 M/L 




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